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5 LTL Freight Packing Tips

There are a few things to that should specifically be kept in mind when it comes to LTL freight or Less-Than-Truckload shipping because it is a specialized industry.

5 LTL Freight Packing Tips

Maintain Relationships

Shipping ultimately comes down to a relationship between the shipper and the carries and the more positive the relationship, the more efficient the shipping projects will be. The most important things to remember are those that can save the shipper and the carrier time and ultimately money, because that is when everyone can agree and be happy.

Correct Reporting

Accurate reporting of weight and distance should be considered among the most important protocols to following in Less-Than-Truckload freight shipping. Inaccurate reporting causes a number of problems including increased expenses as shippers are responsible for reporting the correct weight and carriers are known to re-weigh over 80 percent of the product they ship.

Avoid Accessorial Charges

Accessorial charges are any extra services that lie outside that standard protocol of shipping and they are known to increasing the cost of any job. These charges include things like insurance charges, residential, and lift gate services. Some freight shipping jobs such as small package freight shipping are subject to a large number of accessorial charges at any point while the Less-Than-Truckload freight industry is known to have less, around 15. When things are tight and expenses are overly emphasized a company will choose the method with fewer accessorial charges.


Proper packaging of products eliminates the chance of extra expenses due to the need to repackage. Improperly packaged shipments are more likely to be damaged during the freight process and the content ruined. Contents that can be palletized are preferable in the Less-Than-Truckload freight industry as it is safer and easier to handle pallets. Separate pieces are more susceptible to being dropped and other forms of damage.

Be Vigilant

As the Less-Than-Truckload freight shipping industry grows and the efforts to eliminate inaccuracies and fraud grow it is important to both shippers and carriers to be vigilant during the entire shipping process. The number of shippers and carriers will continue to grow along with commerce and by following these tips shippers and carriers can see an increase in profits and drive down excess expenditures.

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