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How to Use a Wood Pallet for Storage

Wood pallets have long been used as shipping materials for large loads being transported across the country and around the world. Creative minds all over have discovered that these handy wooden shipping supplies are great materials to reconstruct for household use. By themselves, wood pallets are not particularly attractive decor, but with a little bit of effort and creativity, you can transform them for nearly any use around your home. Popular for storage, wood pallets can be recycled and restored in a wide variety of ways, making a designated home for each of your belongings.

Using Wood Pallet for Storage

One of the most popular ways to use wood pallets for storage, is by reconstructing them into shelves. By laying the pallet flat on the floor and removing every other beam from one side, you have started your renovation. Use the removed boards as a base between the back side of the pallet, and the front side where it can be attached to the remaining beams that are connected. Attaching this base essentially creates open rectangular boxes between the front and back of the pallet. From there, you can leave the pallet as it is, and hang it on the wall as one large storage shelf, or divide it into multiple shelving units for displaying photos, books, plants and other belongings.

Use multiple pallets to build a storage chest for toys, clothes, shoes, or blankets. Construct larger boxes out of the pallets to create larger storage for the ground instead of the wall. Create a coffee table, desk, or under the bed storage by stacking the pallets and restructuring the boards to add functional decorating to any space.

Wood pallets have unlimited uses because they are functionally shaped wood beams that are easy for almost any DIY-er to manipulate and recycle into something wonderful. Paint them, stain them, nail them or glue them, wood pallets are basic materials that can be used as is, or torn apart to make something new. Their easy to use nature has made wood pallets a popular style in everything from decorating to building and storage.

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